Our Team

Sandra Raymond, RMT

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Leslie Edmunds, RMT

Leslie graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1988.  She was in private practice for 16 years in Vancouver B.C.  In addition to this, she worked for one year as an instructor at West Coast College of Massage Therapy and for five years as a member of the provincial board exam team licensing new massage therapists.

Since moving to Toronto in 2003, Leslie has worked at White Pine Therapeutics as well as in various senior’s residences.

Over the years Leslie has taken many additional courses including Muscle Energy Technique, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Integrated Lymph Drainage and Neuromuscular Technique.  She also did a certificate in Counseling and Working with an Aging Population at UBC and courses in Gerontology at Ryerson University.

Leslie has also done volunteer work in various organizations including Aids Vancouver, St. Paul’s Hospital, West Toronto Support Services and The Second Mile Club of Toronto.

Over her many years of practice, Leslie has developed very good listening skills and believes in client driven and focused treatment.  She will respond to the client’s needs in each treatment session.  Her approach is thorough and she is able to accomplish a number of goals while providing a calm and relaxing environment.


Savina Primi, RMT

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Andrea D’Sylva, RMT

Andrea graduated from Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic in 2000.  She joined White Pine Therapeutics in April 2001, left in June 2006 to establish her own clinic, and returned again to practice at White Pine in August 2015.

Over her years of practice Andrea has developed a detailed approach to massage therapy.  Her strength lies in focussed, therapeutic treatments that address two or three key problem areas in a one-hour session.  Her aim is to design a treatment which creates a sense of wholeness, addressing the body’s musculoskeletal complaints with an awareness of the mind’s quest for a sense of calm, integrated well-being.

Andrea believes massage therapy goes beyond the treatment of a collection of tight muscles or physical complaints.  As human beings we are multi-faceted and complex; restoring equilibrium occurs on multiple levels.  Her judicious application of pressure releases muscle tension while allowing you to relax deeply and breathe.  Her manner is calm and professional.  Whether you like to talk during your massage or escape to your own inner retreat, you can be confident that the choice is always yours.

Since graduating Andrea has taken several courses including TMJ Dysfunction, Advanced Soft Tissue Manipulation of the Cervical Region, and Craniosacral Therapy.  A long-time yoga practitioner with experience in Pilates and meditation, Andrea has exercises and stress-management tips to share with anyone interested in exploring these areas.


Susan Levi, RMT

Susan graduated from Kikkawa College in 1996.  She immediately began a massage therapy practice which she ran until December 2003, when she put her massage therapy career on hold to raise her family.

Susan returned to practice when she joined White Pine Therapeutics in May 2017.

Since becoming a massage therapist Susan has studied shiatsu, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Trager Approach, Rhythmic Movement Training, pregnancy massage and infant massage.

Susan enjoys working with people of all ages and from all walks of life.  She has worked with athletes, people who are recovering from motor vehicle or workplace accidents, pregnant women, elders and children, among others.

A firm believer in the healing powers of touch, Susan believes that feeling pleasure in one’s body is truly therapeutic.